Most women generally prefer having long eyelashes as they look aesthetically pleasing and attractive to look at. They are considered an attractive physical feature. They also make the eyes look bolder and exquisite as the common phrase says that eyes are the window to the soul. In recent years, the interest of women in beauty products has surged, and eyelashes made up of mink fur have got tremendously popular among ladies.

The Siberian mink eyelashes have lustrous and smooth curls which are praiseworthy considering that they are obtained without harming the animals as the minks shed their hair during the shedding season and the fur is gently brushed off. The minks are carefully fed and cared for considering their nutritional requirements. But still, the fur breeding business faces some criticism from animal rights activists who claim that the minks are not bred properly and are treated cruelly. The mink eyelashes are natural and hence chemical-free, so they may be used conveniently by people with sensitive eyes.

These eyelashes don’t need to use any synthetic dyes as they naturally have a lustrous dark sheen with their narrower edges being soft and feathery. These eyelashes are especially noted for their natural and realistic look and remain are not prone to curling as compared to synthetic eyelashes. Due to their soft and light structure, they are easy to use and can last longer than any typical synthetic eyelashes. In contrast to their counterparts, they are lighter and can make the eyes voluminous without adding extra heft. The lash diameter is about 0.1 mm to 0.15 mm.

Recent studies have found that some synthetic eyelashes may contain potentially dangerous chemicals and with prolong use, they can discharge carcinogenic chemicals. These health concerns are not associated with mink eyelashes.

The growing concerns over pollution problem has also been taken into consideration as the mink eyelashes are biodegradable and can disintegrate by themselves, unlike synthetic eyelashes which are more difficult to dispose of.

The cost of mink eyelashes is undeniably higher than synthetic ones, but still, they are much lower now than they used to be, when they were worn by celebrities only.  These eyelashes justify their higher price tag by being easy to use, long-lasting than synthetic ones, and being completely natural and chemical-free. They can be used up to 20 times provided that they may be kept away from places with higher humidity and heat.

March 20, 2021 — Alexus Heard